What is your season? 

We normally open in mid-May and close after the first hard frost of the fall, usually in late October.


What are your hours? 

Fields of Flowers, during our season from mid-May to mid-October, is open daily from 9 – 6, including Sundays and holidays.

How does it work?

We operate on a self-service basis.   We provide everything you need during your visit including clippers, containers, water for plants, bug spray, and umbrellas if it rains.  There will be signage directing you through the process and to the flowers for cutting.

How much does it cost?

We offer 3 sizes of containers for your use - $10, $15 and $30 sizes.  You are invited to fill your chosen container(s) with flowers of your choice and pay based upon the container(s) sizes you choose.  You may take the containers home with you after purchase.

How do I pay? 

We accept only cash or checks and there is a container clearly marked for placing your money.  We try to have enough cash on hand for you to make change when paying for your purchase.

What if I don’t have a check or enough cash?

As we operate on the honor system we trust you will mail us the correct payment.  We invite you to take your cut flowers with you and mail a check to us at:  Fields of Flowers 37879 Allder School Rd.  Purcellville, VA 20132

Can I bring my own containers?

We do ask that you pick flowers in the containers we provide for pricing consistency.  That said, yes, you may bring your own containers for transporting your purchased flowers.  If you are purchasing a large amount of flowers, it can be easier if you do bring larger containers for transport.  If you have a need to purchase a larger amount of flowers than what we offer by container, then contact us directly so that we help you if possible.

How do I cut the flowers?

We provide clippers for your use and ask that you never cut the plant to the ground.  Making a diagonal cut across the stem is the best way to protect the flower as well as the plant.

How can I keep the flowers fresh the longest?

Once cut you should place your flowers into the water in your container.  At home, you should remove any leaves on the stem that will be underwater in your vase.  At that time, you should also add fresh water.  Changing the water frequently (daily is best) and keeping the flowers out of the direct sunlight should help them last for a long period.

How do I know what is growing at any given time?

We will post a sheet where you find our containers with a list of available plants and will try to keep them marked in the field.  In addition, we will be updating our online sites frequently to give you a good idea of what’s available.

Do you allow picnics on your property?

We do allow small parties who’s primary purpose is to come and pick flowers to throw a blanket or two down and enjoy your visit.  (Please pick up any trash you may generate.)  We are not a public park and do not encourage picnicking without purchasing flowers.

Do you allow photography?

Yes, we do allow photography  However, please note the different scenarios below:

  1. For personal use, feel free to take photos of the flowers, your family and friends.

  2. For anyone posting pictures taken while here, please note “Fields of Flowers – Purcellville, VA” as the site at which the photos were taken.  We are using the hashtag #loudounfieldsofflowers for our posts and request you do as well.

  3. For professionals hosting photography sessions for their clients, we ask a $20 site fee or the equivalent in purchased flowers.

  4. For all photographers, we hope you enjoy our fields enough to purchase flowers during your visit to help us continue to allow this use.

Do you have a rest room which we can use?

Unfortunately, we do not have a public restroom on site.  In an emergency, and if someone is home, it may be possible to use our home powder room but please do not count on this.  During the pandemic, unfortunately the restroom in our home is not available.

Can I bring my dog? 

Fields of FLowers is dog friendly and we do allow gentle dogs on leash.  Please do recognize that not all our visitors are comfortable with unknown dogs so some distance from other visitors is suggested when appropriate.  And please, pick up any of your pooches droppings and take them out of the fields - there is a trash can in the barn breezeway.


Do you allow weddings or other events onsite?

Unfortunately, we do not publicly offer our site for events, including weddings or large gatherings or picnics, etc.  However, talk to us - we consider events on a case be case basis.

May I cut flowers for my wedding?

Yes, we have many wedding parties each season who use us for the entirety of their flowers or for supplemental flowers for bouquets and/or table decoration, etc.  We do not require a reservations to pick for weddings but we do ask you to give us advance notice if possible as we can assist in providing you extra items to make your visit easier. 

In addition, we strongly suggest you prepare by bringing larger containers – coolers or something similar – into which you can place the containers we provide when transporting your flowers from here.

The best days to pick for a wedding are the day or two before and the morning is best as the flowers are fresher in the cooler temperatures. 

Is there any shade on the property?

There is shade with benches and chairs for anyone who would prefer to stay out of the sun.  However, our flowers are all sun loving plants and the bulk of the flowers – with the exception of our late summer hydrangeas – are fully in the sun.  Shade hats are encouraged.

Is your field wheelchair accessible? 

There are no steps or stairs to deal with but our fields are grassy and not entirely smooth.  There are some gentle slopes in portions of the fields but they are mostly level and both motorized and non-motorized wheelchairs have been used by prior visitors.

Should I wear anything special when visiting? 

We keep our grassy fields neatly mowed and there is no real need for special dress other than that  to protect from the sun.  Our fields do not get muddy when it rains but they will be wet.  No special footwear is required.

Do you close during inclement weather? 

We are a self-service operation and we remain open during our normal daily hours even in inclement weather.  We strongly recommend you not pick at any time there is a threat of lightning but if you are welcome to visit during a rainy period if you wish.

How can I contact you with questions?

Our phone number is 540-338-7231 - please leave a message if your call is unanswered.  You may also reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or though email at info@loudounfieldsofflowers.com