We offer 3 container sizes:

Small bouquet cups are $15 per cupful.

Large bouquet cups are $20 per cupful.

Pail sized buckets that we provide are $30 per pail.


When we have fewer flowers in the field we may offer only small containers.

Please use only our containers for picking and paying unless you have made previous arrangements with us. 

All blooms can be cut but please ensure you leave enough of the young plant when cutting to allow the plant to re-grow. As they mature these plants will begin to offer considerable quantity.

We are a self-service operation. You should find clippers, containers, and water with which you can collect the flowers you prefer.

Payment is on the honor system.  Payment is cash, check (Fields of Flowers) or Venmo. Cash and check should be placed in the cash jar on the table.  If you find you do not have proper payment, please send a check to:

Fields of Flowers
37879 Allder School Rd.
Purcellville, VA 20132

Please note: As a Loudoun County agricultural operation, we do not assume any liability for injuries or other difficulties you may have while visiting our property. We ask that you do not allow children to climb on the tractors or other equipment for their safety.